We were recently asked the following question: I rent a home in Delaware. There is a leak in the roof that was repaired or tried to be repaired by the landlord several times. We found that black mold has been growing in the attic crawlspace and I think it has been making me sick. I want to get out of my lease and find another house. Do I need a landlord-tenant attorney or a personal injury lawyer for this?

Black Mold – Do I need a landlord-tenant attorney or a personal injury lawyer?

We would think you would want to consult with both a landlord-tenant attorney and a Delaware personal injury attorney. First, the landlord-tenant attorney can advise you on what steps the landlord must take to remediate the mold situation, and can advise you on the landlord’s obligations to either let you out of the lease or provide you with a new home. Second, the personal injury attorney can help you by advising you on whether you have a valid personal injury claim for being made sick as a result of the mold, can advise you about the time limits on making such a claim, advise you on what evidence you will need to secure to make that claim, and can assist you in actually making the claim or filing a lawsuit. So we would think you would want to seek a legal consultation with one attorney who handles both types of cases, or with two attorneys so that all bases are covered. You can use our website to run two searches – one for landlord tenant, and one for personal injury, and cross-reference your search results to see if there is an attorney in your area that handles both types of cases.

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